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Proj Veritas CNN ChesterA CNN staffer has admitted to an undercover investigative reporter that for the last four years, the network prioritized getting Donald Trump out of office over doing journalism.

I Stand With IsraelA vocal defender of Israel and its self-defense is convinced the Biden administration will throw the Jewish State under the bus despite assurances from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Patrisse Cullors (BLM co-founder)A co-founder of Black Lives Matter and self-described Marxist is angering fellow leftists for dropping millions of dollars on high-end homes but, in reality, such greediness mirrors famously ruthless and rich Communist leaders who lived in luxury despite denouncing capitalism and leading violent revolutions.

roadblock yellow lightsA policy analyst with The Heritage Foundation argues that the Biden administration is dismissing decades of bipartisan consensus when it comes to the meaning of "infrastructure."

U.S. Supreme Court w/ flagPresident Joe Biden signed an executive order last week creating a special commission to discuss changes for the U.S. Supreme Court. The "reforms" expected to come out of the group's six-month assignment, says one legal expert, would essentially politicize the nation's highest court.

pregnant couplePro-lifers support the Tennessee Legislature's effort to change two laws that affect the preborn.

ESA (education savings account)A seasoned education analyst says the extended COVID-19 pandemic is helping state legislatures see the importance of parents having choices for their children's education.

volleyball (women's hands)The Republican governor of West Virginia is being urged to sign legislation similar to other states that are taking steps to fend off a pro-transgender movement that threatens the integrity of girls' and women's sports.

church locked down 2After a year of church congregations fighting for the right to keep the doors open, Texas may soon send a message about religious freedom as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Southern Baptist Convention

A notable exodus from the Southern Baptist Convention has been underway since 2020, when America's largest Protestant denomination reaffirmed its "Baptist Faith and Message 2000" (BFM) and rejected Critical Race Theory – resulting in many African-American pastors and prominent women leaders leaving the denomination.

ICE arrests 1An immigration watchdog that is witnessing the border crisis worsen by the day is praising sheriffs across the country for listening to their communities and sounding the alarm.

hand with ultrasound wandA research associate with The Heritage Foundation is making the case that medical professionals can help reduce the number of abortions associated with problematic pregnancies.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (NY)New York’s embattled governor is picking up well-known opponents who are seeking the statewide office, including a Republican congressman who is vowing to defeat him next year.

pregnancy ultrasoundPro-lifers in Texas hope lawmakers agree to remind young girls that abortion is a decision that affects more than one person.

cash 100-dollar billA cultural issues writer says most parents don't realize that they are paying to fund racial division in their kids' schools.

children praying in churchA Christian organization is working with various organizations, including churches, to combat child abuse this National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Christian persecution in India (Reuters photo)Yet another state in India is cracking down on religious minorities, this time with a law that promises religious freedom but, in reality, cracks down on Islam, Christianity and other faiths.

pastor in the pulpitA public policy analyst has something to say about new COVID-19-related guidance in Mississippi for worship services and faith-based gatherings.

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