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Concealed carryAn attorney and Second Amendment advocate says a store clerk who defended himself against an armed robber demonstrated the right to self-defense.

police officer issuing ticketWisconsin lawmakers have taken action against state-regulated massage parlors when authorities suspect they are being used for human trafficking.

U.S. flag with peopleIt turns out that those who give more of themselves, their time, and their resources to help others typically are Americans … and generally speaking, they also happen to live in states that lean Republican.

Disney's Orka and Flix (Star Wars animation)A parents' watchdog group finds it "completely unnecessary" that Disney has chosen to proudly inject the issue of homosexuality into an animated series for children.

police lights flashingCity leaders in the nation’s capital are meeting today with the expectation they will decriminalize prostitution and thereby promote human trafficking.

Bible with American flagA Christian author and apologist contends that even those who don't believe in or agree with the tenets of Christianity benefit from its influence on society.

hospital heart monitor surgeryThanks to a federal court ruling, surgeons will be allowed to follow their conscience and not be forced to use their skills against their will.

Lady of JusticeAttorneys are asking a Minnesota court to end what they call "meritless litigation."

Hillary and TulsiA former Republican leader in Texas says the feud between Hillary Clinton and Tulsi Gabbard reveals "the worst of their feminist tendencies."

pregnancy ultrasoundPro-lifers in Pennsylvania are backing a heartbeat bill and fighting for the legal right to share their views in the public square.

The LGBT movement has suffered another setback in its bid to normalize sinful behavior.

U.S. Supreme Court w/ flagExpect to hear a lot more about the Supreme Court and religious freedom cases in coming months. 

Facebook like buttonFacebook’s billionaire founder is triggering the Left, and surprising conservatives, over the issue of censoring unpopular and controversial opinions.  

Hillary and Putin RussiaAs many speculate about Hillary Clinton’s return as a Democratic presidential candidate, she predicted 2020 candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) would soon run as a third-party contender and as a “favorite of the Russians,” spurring the four-term congresswoman to call the former first lady a “queen of warmongers” and “the embodiment of corruption.”

US Capitol White House money backgroundWhile the country faces many problems, a policy analyst says one issue that is not getting much coverage these days involves spending.

voter casting a ballotA Canadian Christian educator and pundit believes the Great White North is poised to put a minority Conservative government in power today.

college campus night sceneA communications director says the University of Mississippi will suffer "blowback" for allowing a controversial professor who once labeled student Trump supporters "Hitler youth" to lead an important committee.

keep abortion legal abortion kills signsThe founder of a Christian ministry that believes every person is created in the image of God says states could decide the abortion issue if they were willing to thwart the federal government.

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