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Google HQ (newer pic)A media watchdog group says the federal government needs to take advantage of the bipartisan desire to break up Google to reduce its corporate power and influence.

F-35 Joint Strike FighterThe leader of a military watchdog is expressing concern over an attack on President Trump’s record as commander in chief, a record that includes no new global conflicts and increased spending for the Pentagon.

Amy Coney Barrett sworn in first dayA conservative Pennsylvania activist says a vote Monday by the Supreme Court opens the door for Democrats to "steal" electoral votes away from President Donald Trump.

sex educationNumerous school districts in Ohio have adopted a comprehensive sex-ed program called "Healthy Bodies/Healthy Futures" – a title one family values advocate says is clearly misleading.

Trump rally in Erie PAAmid the pre-Election Day clamor of poll numbers and electoral projections, competing ads and counter-punching pundits, there is an on-the-ground fight to get more voters to the polls.

Say no to abortionThe possible confirmation of a new U.S. Supreme Court justice is rattling abortion proponents, but one pro-lifer says their concerns are a bit exaggerated.

Thanksgiving dinnerJust when you thought the COVID craziness couldn't get any worse, California has come out with restrictions affecting private family get-togethers for the upcoming holiday season.

Site for Debate 2A conservative activist says President Donald Trump should have no trouble with challenger Joe Biden in tonight's presidential debate, even considering the rule changes aimed at helping the former vice president.

red light district neon signA public policy director for the leading organization exposing the links between all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation says international data demonstrates how legalizing prostitution is a bad deal for everyone.

NBC's Kristen WelkerOnce again, says a media watchdog, it's unlikely President Donald Trump will get a fair shake from the moderator in the final presidential debate before Election Day.

Deon Kay shooting (1)Joe Biden is giving unsolicited advice again about the proper use of a firearm, this time to law enforcement officers in the middle of a life-or-death struggle.

News with magnifying glass 2A major news outlet is trying to make the case that abortion is declining as a pivotal issue for Christians. Instead, claims The Associated Press, some Christians are expanding the pro-life definition to include topics like climate change and social justice.

A longtime military analyst says he is fearful for the future of America if Joe Biden wins the White House after joining forces with far-left activists, and there is also the issue of the far-left vice presidential nominee. 

child in trouble with parentsPolice in Scotland could pay a price if they don't enforce the nation's new law against parents spanking their own children, and a senior lecturer on social policy says this was the goal all along.

LGBT rainbow flagJoe Biden's support for an 8-year-old boy who is living as a girl, and his promise to end Trump administration policies, offered the public only a glimpse of a possible Biden administration, says a conservative activist.

police lights flashingA Connecticut woman remains in jail after maintenance workers at an apartment complex made a startling discovery in a garbage dumpster.

A new ad for the popular sandwich cookie isn't so sweet, according to a conservative watchdog group that aims to stop the exploitation of children, especially by the entertainment media.

church and LGBTQ agendaAn expert on church relations is making the case that a worldview being adopted by many church leaders not only promotes division and hatred, but also goes against Christian teaching.

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