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employment applicationA new poll makes it clear most Americans oppose coronavirus funds flowing to illegal aliens, says an immigration watchdog.

online shopping cartA prominent pro-life group is taking the American Civil Liberties Union to task for filing a lawsuit that asks the Food and Drug Administration to override its own rules put in place to protect women when it comes to the chemical abortion method.

Hong Kong protester arrested (2020)Hong Kong is falling into the authoritarian hands of China’s communist leaders, and a human rights advocate fears for the courageous freedom fighters now watching their freedoms slip away.  

The country has lost a longtime defender of biblical morality.

no crossAlameda County, California is being sued in federal court after county officials punished a church that had gotten permission to hold a graduation ceremony.

online study or worshipCongregations were enthusiastic about online church services when the pandemic hit – but a respected "faith and culture" polling group reports the novelty seems to have worn off.

Kayleigh McEnany confronts mediaThirty-two-year-old Kayleigh McEnany has hit the ground running as the new White House press secretary, taking on Democrats and the anti-Trump media on a daily basis while defending her faith and love of America.

Biden with flags in backgroundFormer Gov. Mike Huckabee (D-Ark.) forecasts that it will be a “very ugly sight” for former Vice President Joe Biden and his supporters when President Donald Trump demolishes him in their 2020 presidential election debate.

cash 100-dollar billWith most public schools ending the school year in lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, Fox News reports that parents in several states want to homeschool now and perhaps in the future. But some school systems are resistant to that.

U.N. building in NYC (United Nations)The head of the United Nations is being reminded that abortion is not the way to fight COVID-19.

Sorry, we're closedCongress has become more interested in why Planned Parenthood is refusing to return millions of dollars the abortion provider wrongly took from the federal government.

pregnancy ultrasoundThe death of a newborn baby in Idaho illustrates what one pro-lifer says is wrong with the culture when it comes to defining human life.

woman wearing mask on streetA conservative activist says the mask has become a leftist symbol on how to belittle and punish people who choose to not submit to the demands of autocratic authority.

empty pews in churchAn attorney representing a group of California churches says state guidelines for reopening houses of worship reflect "grotesque" and unequal treatment by the government.

Mexican meth labMassive amounts of precursor chemicals coming from China are being used to supply super-labs in Mexico for the production of methamphetamines and more – and America is being harmed in the process.

Jon SteingardAfter a popular Christian singer renounced his faith after years of questioning his beliefs, youth ministers are getting some tough-love advice: Teens deserve good answers for tough questions. 

Selina SouleA key federal agency is siding with three biological girls over two transgender girls in Connecticut, where the teen girls are suing the state’s athletic association for allowing the biological boys to compete and dominate the state’s track competitions.

Romans (Book of)A Messianic Jewish leader is concerned about the increasing popularity of a heretical teaching known as "dual-covenant" theology.

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